LEGO Elves Summer Images

Next up is another awesome looking round of LEGO Elves sets with some lovely looking dragons, man I do like dragons and these are my fav LEGO variations. For those Elves fans who follow the storyline will see we gwt the first set wit the antagonist of the storyline with Ragana.

41177 The Precious Crystal Mine
Elves (13)

Elves (12)

Elves (11)

41178 The Dragon Sanctuary
Elves (10)

Elves (9)

Elves (8)

41179 Queen Dragon’s Rescue
Elves (7)

Elves (5)

Elves (4)

41180 Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle
Elves (3)

Elves (2)

Elves (1)


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