LEGO factory manufactures safety visors for health workers

With the coronavirus pandemic impacting the entire world, the LEGO Group has started to manufacture safety visors for health workers.

Health workers are struggling to get the equipment they need as hospitals become significantly busier as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The LEGO Group is stepping in to help provide the visors that doctors and nurses will need.

At the LEGO factory in Billund, Denmark, six moulding machines that usually produce LEGO elements have been turned over to making safety visors. This is producing 13,500 visors each day, with the capacity to deliver 58,000 within two weeks if needed.

So far, 50,000 visors have been ordered and 100 employees have spent time working on the project.

Further factories may also start producing the visors, with plans to continue the scheme in Hungary.

With so many people staying at home, many are turning to LEGO bricks for a creative outlet. Doctors have explained coronavirus using builds, a message for children has been turned into a stop motion LEGO film and a LEGO Ideas Activity encourages everyone to build together.

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