LEGO fans seek to complete unreleased BIONICLE game

A group of coders and LEGO BIONICLE fans are collaborating to complete and unfinished and released video game – The Legend of Mata Nui.

Back in 2001, Bionicle: Tales of the Tohunga became a cult hit despite being a very poorly reviewed LEGO video game that was also mired in controversy around cultural appropriation. A sequel for the PC was announced, titled Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui, but was never released. Now, IGN has published a fascinating piece that reveals a group of fans are seeking to complete the unfinished game.

A community of Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui fans have taken on finishing the project as a programming challenge, under team name Beaverhouse. It was on February 1 this year that the volunteer group received original files for the game, anonymously sent via their BioMedia Project website. One of the original game developers also shared a complete beta build of the game, that was almost complete – but not without its problems. It meant that the team had to use old PCs in order to run the rough build of the game.

Since working on this version of the game, the fan developers have found some fun inclusions that original developers Saffire incorporated. They have had to take creative licence when it has come to naming characters who did not yet have one, and an even more creative challenge when it came to developing a missing boss fight to end the game.

Beaverhouse are aiming to have something complete to release to the gaming community, hence now speaking to IGN about the project. Those curious about BIONICLE, a theme that has a very dedicated fan following, should check out the full, fascinating long read at IGN.


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