LEGO Group helps increase digital safety for children in China

The LEGO Group is partnering with Tencent in China to increase awareness of digital safety for children.

A new partnership between the LEGO Group and Tencent has been established to increase awareness of digital safety for children and bring safe LEGO online experiences to young Internet users. The link up promises to cover a range of digital platforms and different content formats.

The announcement shares comments from the key people behind the collaboration:

Julia Goldin, Chief Marketing Officer of the LEGO Group, says ”Our most important purpose is to inspire children and help them develop through play. Through our 85-year history we have always had children’s safety as our highest priority when developing LEGO products. This heritage and approach is also reflected in our work to ensure safe digital LEGO experiences.

Thirty Sun, Vice President of Tencent, and CEO of Tencent Penguin Pictures, says “A positive and healthy online experience for children is very important with more and more children connecting digitally. Tencent is accountable for protecting the online experience of every child, and we incorporate online child protection in all aspects of our business practices.”

Designed to comply with the LEGO Group Digital Child Safety Policy, developed with input from UNICEF and Tencent’s “Penguin Grow with You – Child Protection in Digital Age” framework and “Growth Guardian Platform”, the partnership aims at creating a safe online eco-system covering platforms, contents and experiences tailored for Chinese children.


Jacob Kragh, General Manager of LEGO China, says “We are very pleased to form the partnership with Tencent. We’ve seen more and more Chinese children engage with the world digitally, and the partnership will bring them safe and imaginative digital LEGO content that also supports their needs of learning, development and entertainment.”

Anna Gao, Vice President of Tencent Games, says “Faced with the tendency of lower age in internet users, the cooperation between the LEGO Group and Tencent can leverage technological and innovative means to build a healthy online environment for children.”

The scope of the partnership includes the development of a LEGO video zone for children on the Tencent video platform, development, publication and operation of LEGO branded licensed games. It also includes the publication and operation of the online operation system for LEGO BOOST – a building and coding set that lets children bring their LEGO creations to life – and the exploration to co-develop LEGO Life, a safe social network for children, in China.

Jacob Kragh: “Finally, through the partnership, the LEGO Group and Tencent will explore further initiatives to ensure digital safety management in each company, share best practices in child online protection and drive online literacy promotion.”

The LEGO Life app is the key global platform for connecting children in a safe digital way.


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