LEGO House announces new food experience

To increase dining capacity, the LEGO House will close the Le Gourmet restaurant in favour of a new family dining option.

LEGO House, the brick destination in Billund, is celebrating a successful year in 2019, with 281,786 paying guests translating to a 15% increase in attendance.

In response, Managing Director Jesper Vilstrup reveals that a new dining option will open later this year:

“We are really proud that we in 2019 exceeded our expectations for the number of guests in both the Experience Zones and in the public area of LEGO Square. But unfortunately having this many guests means that we cannot provide the dining experience we would like to in our eateries – the capacity is simply too low. And that applies both to the kitchen and in the restaurant areas.”

Le Gourmet, the upmarket dining option, has not re-opened. It will be replaced with a modern ‘share food’ concept, with dinner served for an entire table of friends or families to share.

“Closing Le Gourmet has been a difficult decision as we basically love the restaurant and the idea of having a great gourmet restaurant in Billund,” Vilstrup explains. “On the other hand, it is no secret that it has been difficult to attract a continuous flow of guests into the restaurant. And when you consider that we have capacity challenges for our dining LEGO House guests during the day, it ultimately makes sense to utilise the space better.”

He is keen to emphasise that this will not expand Mini Chef but be an entirely new option: “Our kitchen, which serves MINI CHEF, is already too low on capacity, so we can’t increase the production in there. With the new ‘share food concept’ we get a delicious alternative to MINI CHEF and our BRICKACCINO café, which we expect our guests will welcome. It is still very important for us to provide a high quality experience, and this applies whether you play in the Experience Zones or whether you have to refuel in the eateries.”

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