LEGO Ideas 21334 Jazz Quartet designer video released

A brand-new LEGO designer video is now available in the form of a musical tour of LEGO Ideas 21334 Jazz Quartet, featuring a live band.

Justin Ramsden helms the latest designer video, which focuses on 21334 Jazz Quartet. Similar to other designer videos, it’s filled with insight into the development and final version of 21334 Jazz Quartet, but also features a live band – a fitting choice considering the context of the project that inspired the LEGO Ideas set. 

Model designer Maria Salgado is also featured in the video to explain her illustrations which were used for the instruction manual covers. The video also provides a high-quality look at the artwork including the designers in the same style. 

“Something I really enjoyed while making this set was creating personalities for all the musicians,” shared model designer Ollie Gregory. “They all have different body types and shapes and hair styles and we were able to more accurately replicate the human figure which we’ve rarely seen in LEGO before.” 

LEGO Ideas 21334 Jazz Quartet is available now, featuring brick-built versions of four musicians each with their own instrument, including a grand piano, trumpet, double bass and drum kit. 

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