LEGO Ideas 21335 Motorised Lighthouse pairs well with 10294 Titanic

LEGO Ideas 21335 Motorised Lighthouse pairs well with 10294 Titanic, 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V and more, Reddit users have discovered. 

The online LEGO community over on Reddit has started to get their hands on 21335 Motorised Lighthouse, remixing combining and discovering the many secrets of the newest LEGO Ideas set. 

Arts_Myth found that displaying 21335 Motorised Lighthouse next to 10294 Titanic worked great, acting as a way to warn the ship and prevent another tragedy, though this concept would work with any LEGO boat. 

Alternatively, 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V also makes a good match for 21335 Motorised Lighthouse, in case you’ve been wanting a slightly different topper for the model.  

lego 962176 21335 arts myth reddit
Image: Arts_Myth

The instructions manual for 21335 Motorised Lighthouse was discovered to hold a few secrets by phonescroller, with the mismatched plates paying tribute to those who have had to make do with the elements they have when making a custom model. 

Rounding out the selection, matttech88 decided to use their free 40515 Pirates and Treasure VIP Add On Pack to enhance the base of 21335 Motorised Lighthouse, which works surprisingly well with the LEGO Ideas set. 

lego 21335 40515 matttech88
Image: matttech88

LEGO Ideas 21335 Motorised Lighthouse is available now on and in stores for 259.99 / $299.99 / €299.99 with 2,065 pieces. 

Featured image: Arts_Myth

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