LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express could learn from Hogwarts Express

Rumours for

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Ideas 21344 Orient Express suggest that it could be learning from 76405 Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition.

The original fan design for the Orient Express was able to fit on a standard

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track brick with a four-stud gap between the rails. However, is one stud too wide to run along your custom LEGO railway, featuring a unique brick-built track to display it on instead.

uses 5,129 pieces, including a substantial section of platform to recreate scenes from the films. Assuming that 2,000 or fewer bricks are used for the platform build, that leaves around 3,000 for the huge Hogwarts Express and the track it sits on. That’s a similar build that has been proposed for the Orient Express by LEt.sGO, using 2,995 pieces.

A new rumour states that the final design will use only 2,540 pieces, making it notably smaller than the approximate piece count of the massive LEGO Hogwarts Express. However, narrowing the Harry Potter train’s width by one stud might bring it down to a more comparable piece count.

Though nothing has been confirmed, the rumoured piece count for 21344 Orient Express and the original fan design for the upcoming set suggests that the LEGO Ideas model may be compatible with standard LEGO track elements, but still similar in size to the huge LEGO Harry Potter creation.

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