LEGO Ideas 90th anniversary fan vote second round begins with a twist

The second round of the LEGO Ideas 90th anniversary fan vote is now live, with an unexpected fourth theme in the mix.

As expected, BIONICLE, Classic Space and Pirates have taken the top three spots in the first vote to find a theme for 2022’s 90th anniversary set. Those three themes will now advance to the second poll to find the fan-favourite winner – but they won’t be the only ones vying for your vote.

In the original poll, the LEGO Ideas team split Classic Castle across several categories, fragmenting its vote. They’ve now admitted that was a mistake, however, and consolidated Castle’s various subthemes into one single nomination – one that would technically have taken top spot in the first poll, with an eye-watering 33,489 users voting for either one, two or three Castle themes.

That doesn’t mean third-placed Pirates is out and Castle is in, though. To keep things fair to the fans who voted for the swashbuckling theme, the Ideas team has instead increased the second poll to include four options – one more than originally intended. That means you can now choose from any one of BIONICLE, Classic Space, Pirates or Castle in the second round of voting.

375 Castle

Consolidating any other themes (such as Classic Space’s multiple subthemes, or Pirates with Imperials) wouldn’t have affected the top three, so the Ideas team has ignored those and made a special exception for Castle.

In fact, combining just ‘Classic Castle’ and ‘Forestmen’ alone would have been enough to crack the top three – as would adding up only the non-fantasy Castle themes (Lion Knights, Black Falcons, Black Knights, Forestmen, and Wolfpack).

You can check out the full voting numbers for every theme below:

  1. BIONICLE – 24,799
  2. Classic Space – 18,171
  3. Pirates – 15,884
  4. Trains – 14,855
  5. Adventurers – 13,988
  6. Classic Castle –12,603
  7. Forestmen – 8,056
  8. Lion Knights – 7,117
  9. Imperials – 7,012
  10. Town – 6,610
  11. Black Knights – 6,427
  12. Model Team – 6,397
  13. Dragon Knights – 6,334
  14. Space Police – 5,738
  15. Rock Raiders – 5,298
  16. Studios – 5,179
  17. Blacktron – 5,088
  18. Ice Planet – 4,503
  19. Black Falcons – 4,244
  20. Aquazone – 4,051
  21. M-Tron – 3,555
  22. Alpha Team – 2,807
  23. Paradisa – 2,584
  24. Time Cruisers – 2,234
  25. Wolfpack – 2,111
  26. Exploriens – 1,695
  27. Arctic – 1,620
  28. Divers – 1,424

The second round of voting is open now, and will run until February 10 at 9am UK time. Unlike the first poll, this won’t be transparent, and the results won’t impact the LEGO Group’s decision over which theme to resurrect in 2022. All we know is that we can look forward to a brand new set from either BIONICLE, Classic Space, Pirates or Castle next year.

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