LEGO Ideas designers chose A-Frame Cabin for a set like no other

LEGO Ideas designers have revealed why 21338 A-Frame Cabin was picked as the latest model – for a set like no other. 

LEGO Ideas 21338 A-Frame Cabin was picked as the newest project to become an official set and the team behind the build has explained why it was chosen in the first place. 

“We haven’t done a lot of models in this style, like these cosy cabins and things like that,” explained Jordan Scott, creative lead on the LEGO Ideas team in an interview with Tiago Catarino.  

“We typically see a lot of modular buildings and things in Icons, but we don’t do anything really that takes place out in the wilderness and things, so it really stood out as something striking both from a visual point of view but also with the amazing details that Andrea, the fan designer, was able to incorporate.” 

While cabins are nothing new for the LEGO Group, with Creator featuring multiple models based on homes in the wilderness, the quote specifically refers to 21338 A-Frame Cabin as nothing like previous models in LEGO Icons. It’s possible that Jordan is referring to the wider collection of 18+ models rather than the theme. 

LEGO Icons, and the wider range of 18+ models, have had natural models before including the growing Botanical Collection but a cabin is a new topic, explaining why 21338 A-Frame Cabin was picked for the latest LEGO Ideas set. 

You can purchase 21338 A-Frame Cabin online and in stores now for £159.99 / $179.99 / €179.99 with 2,082 pieces. 

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