LEGO Ideas has an “even stricter policy” when it comes to IP choice

The LEGO Ideas team has confirmed that stricter guidelines are applied to the intellectual properties that the platform will permit when compared to other LEGO departments.

A shake-up at the LEGO Ideas website is clarifying for users which intellectual properties (IPs) they can submit product ideas based on. In communicating this change, the LEGO Ideas team is clarifying what became fairly apparent back in May – that the guidelines used are more restrictive than those used elsewhere in the LEGO Group.

Here is the official confirmation from the LEGO Ideas website:

Please be aware that LEGO Ideas maintains an even stricter policy than the rest of the LEGO Group on which intellectual properties are allowed to be submitted to the platform. An IP that may be denied via LEGO Ideas for any reason, may well still be considered internally by the LEGO Groups’ design teams in their regular product development process.

Questions were raised when 75810 The Upside Down, was released, despite Stranger Things projects being rejected because the series “doesn’t fit the LEGO Group’s standards for appropriate content or themes.”

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