LEGO listed in world’s 100 most valuable brands

A new list of the world’s most valuable brands has been release, placing LEGO at number 71.

Interbrand is a global brand consultancy firm, and has released the world’s 100 most valuable brands list for 2018. LEGO is placed at number 71 on the list, one place behind PayPal and one ahead of Sales Force.

According to the ranking, the LEGO brand has dropped to a valuation of $6.5 billion, down 7% on last year. The list is topped by Apple, Google and Amazon, demonstrating the continued prominence of tech companies. Combined, the top 100 brands are valued at $2 trillion, up almost 7% from last year.

Three factors are key in Interbrand valuing the brands, which are how the branded products or services perform financially, the role played by the brand in purchasing decisions and the brand’s competitive strength and ability to create loyalty.

“A decade after the global financial crisis, the brands that are growing fastest are those that intuitively understand their customers and make brave iconic moves that delight and deliver in new ways,” said Charles Trevail, Global Chief Executive Officer of Interbrand.

Here are the top 10 brands, according to the report:

1. Apple ($214bn)
2. Google ($155bn)
3. Amazon ($101bn)
4. Microsoft ($93bn)
5. Coca-Cola ($66bn)
6. Samsung ($60bn)
7. Toyota ($53bn)
8. Mercedes-Benz ($49bn)
9. Facebook ($45bn)
10. McDonald’s ($43bn)

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