The new LEGO Mandalorian minifigure is still missing one crucial ingredient

Another LEGO Mandalorian minifigure is about to hit shelves in 75321 The Razor Crest Microfighter, but it’s still missing one crucial ingredient.

That would be Din Djarin’s face, which was revealed on-screen all the way back in the closing chapter of the live-action series’ first season. For those keeping track at home, that was on December 27, 2019 – almost two years ago. Since then, we’ve had no fewer than five sets featuring Mando, and one more due in January 2022. But across all those, he’s had the same blank, black head.

The LEGO Group can’t seriously be trying to protect us from spoilers at this point: that original face reveal is ancient history by now, and we’ve seen plenty more of Pedro Pascal’s mug in the show’s second season. So, what gives? Why haven’t we had a Mandalorian minifigure with an accurate face print yet?

Well, reader, your guess is as good as ours. One reason could be that the LEGO Star Wars design team doesn’t want a light nougat head visible from beneath Mando’s helmet, but that excuse doesn’t really hold water when Boba Fett has had an accurate head for years.

In fact, 75312 Boba Fett’s Starship – the only set to feature both bounty hunters so far – includes another unique print for Boba, based on his appearance in Season 2, but the same old black head for Din Djarin. That really only makes the LEGO Group’s hesitance to give us a proper Mando face even more baffling, but it doesn’t look like the company has plans to change it any time soon.

The latest version of the character – in his Beskar armour – is back again in January’s 75321 The Razor Crest Microfighter, equipped with the same jetpack he’s rocking in 75319 The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge, and the same anonymous head. Beyond that, the current list of rumoured LEGO Star Wars sets for 2022 includes no minifigure-scale Mandalorian sets featuring Din Djarin, so we could be waiting a while for a more accurate version.

Check out our full review of 75321 The Razor Crest Microfighter here. It’s due to hit shelves on January 1 for £8.99 / $9.99 / €9.99.

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