The LEGO Marvel Groot figure collection continues to grow

With the upcoming

, fans get to add yet another
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Groot figure to an ever-growing collection.

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Studios debuted its latest
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+ series last week, with five animated episodes of I Am Groot streaming right now. The CG show features the tiny tree-based toddler getting up to all sorts of mischief and even includes a special guest appearance by one of his Guardians of the Galaxy teammates.

Fans of the character will also have the chance to snag yet another Groot minifigure soon, with the upcoming release of

. Although there’s still no official date listed for the festive set, a recent online listing suggests it may drop on September 1 priced at €34.99.

This version of Groot is just the latest iteration in an ever-growing

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line-up based on the Flora Colossi character. Here’s a full list of just how many different versions of Groot you can already pick up or are out soon:

76020 Knowhere Escape Mission – 2014

76020 alt2

The very first Groot was a brick-built model of the character that towered over the three minifigures included in the 72-piece set.

5002145 Rocket Raccoon – 2014

5002145 Rocket Raccoon polybag

This Toys R Us exclusive

featured both a Rocket Raccoon minifigure and a potted version of Groot growing from a tiny twig.

76081 The Milano vs. The Abilisk – 2017

76081 alt11

The first Baby Groot figure appeared in this set, whilst a variant with a red outfit and zipper was available in 76080 Ayesha’s Revenge.

76102 Thor’s Weapon Quest – 2018

76102 Thors Weapon Quest
Image: BrickLink

The teen version of Groot as seen in Avengers: Infinity War was one of three minifigures featured in this small set.

41626 Groot & Rocket – 2018

41626 Groot Rocket Brickheadz

Only one

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two-pack containing either Groot or Rocket Raccoon has been released to date.

5005244 Teen Groot Key Chain – 2018

5005244 7

This darker brown version of Groot also features a scowling face that’s unique to this key chain accessory.

76193 The Guardians’ Ship – 2021

76193 The Guardians Ship
Image: BrickLink

A dark tan Groot variant appeared in this huge set, with a refined face and torso print, plus additional detailing on its hips and legs. 

76217 I am Groot – 2022

76217 3

This 476-piece brick-built poseable Groot model is also included as part of the recently-revealed Costco US-exclusive 66711 Infinity Saga Collection.

76231 Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar – 2022

lego marvel 76231 guardians of the galaxy advent calendar contents

Although this Groot minifigure appears to be the same as the one included with

, the character can be made more festive by adding the wreath with lights build that’s also available in the set.

Every episode of I Am Groot is available to stream on

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+ right now for all subscribers.

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