LEGO MASTERS poised to be exported worldwide

The brick based challenge show, LEGO MASTERS, may soon be going global.

For the first time, a TV show dedicated to contestants building the best possible LEGO creations launched in the UK last year. Tuesday’s Child produced LEGO MASTERS, currently filming a second season, and the show aired on Channel 4.

Now, WorldScreen reports that the Endemol Shine Group has acquired the rights to be exclusive distributor and produce local versions of LEGO MASTERS around the world.

LEGO Masters is a wonderful competition format for viewers of all ages. With its proven ratings success on Channel 4, we see huge potential for this show to be adapted in multiple markets,” said Lisa Perrin, the CEO of Creative Networks at Endemol Shine Group

“We are pleased viewers in the U.K. enjoyed LEGO Masters, and believe it will delight people of all ages around the world. The series celebrates creativity and the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick, not to mention the fun families and friends have when they build together,” said Jill Wilfert, the VP of licensing and entertainment at the LEGO Group.

For viewers, this means that the existing episodes of LEGO MASTERS based in the UK may air in their local country – but even better, they may even get a local version of the show. Previous shows that the Endemol Shine Group has exported worldwide include Big Brother and MasterChef.

You can check out comprehensive coverage of LEGO MASTERS Series One here.


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