LEGO may be revisiting a retired set for a future gift-with-purchase

A mysterious listing at suggests the LEGO Group may be revisiting a classic, retired set for a future gift-with-purchase.

There are no images for the set at the moment, but the title and product description suggest we’re looking at the return of the concept behind 2009’s 3844 Creationary, a LEGO Games model that adapted the classic board game Pictionary into brick form.

That 338-piece package originally hung around on shelves for more than four years, before finally retiring in late 2013. The LEGO Group now appears to be resurrecting the concept behind the set in a ‘take-anywhere box’ that includes a die, 150 cards and a 60-second timer.

LEGO Games 3844 Creationary

According to the product description, no physical LEGO bricks are included – unlike in 3844 Creationary – so you’ll need to fall back on your existing collection to get any mileage out of it. The core gameplay should remain the same, though: roll the die to choose a category, select a card, then build whatever’s printed on the card.

While the newly-listed 5006865 Creationary Set has a price tag of £10.99 / $15.99 / €11.99, it’s also tagged as a ‘free item’, indicating it will likely be a gift-with-purchase in the near future. We don’t know exactly when the freebie will be available, but July seems like a safe bet given the timing of this listing. We’ll keep you updated.

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