LEGO Micro Cities review

LEGO Micro Cities provides instructions for a series of nine mini metropolises for fans to recreate

Author: Jeff Friesen Publisher: No Starch Press RRP: £20.99 Available: Now

In the latest hardback release from No Starch Press, Jeff Friesen takes readers into the world of microscale, demonstrating how to build cities in microscale. LEGO Micro Cities includes instructions to put together nine specific cities that Jeff has designed. These directions are intended to demonstrate different building techniques, so as well as allowing the reader to build the exact city shown, they should also inspire new ideas.

The book opens with a rather dry section showing how to make the base and giving some advice on element use. It is useful, and necessary for those looking to recreate these 20×20 layouts, but is not the most appealing opening. Thankfully, things improve significantly after the opener. The models contained within the book really do provide a masterclass in urban microscale, demonstrating how to make parts work at this size and providing useful tips for getting detail into builds at this tiny scale. Each set of instructions is clear and easy to follow.

LEGO Micro Cities 1

As for the builds themselves, they are all excellent. Covering a variety of periods and influences, Gilded City, Upper Brick Side, Utopia and Strange New Worlds are all examples of the beautiful models that this book contains. While it is not always appealing to build a model designed by someone else, any of these are tempting to faithfully recreate because they would clearly look fantastic on display – and not take up too much space.

Anyone looking for some tips on microscale construction, or looking for some delightful display pieces to put together, should consider picking up LEGO Micro Cities. With 187 pages of building instructions and inspiration, the tiniest type of brick building is well represented here.

This book was provided for review by No Starch Press.

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