LEGO Mixels designer explains the design process

With the final LEGO Mixels sets released, many fans are disappointed to see this unique line join the list of retired LEGO themes. Brickset interviewed LEGO designer Gemma Anderson, who has worked on the theme since Series 4, about her experience working on LEGO Mixels.

The designer explained the importance of the Max figure  in designing each tribe’s individual figures:

During the sketching phase, I would consider what the tribe theme is and then work out what the max could be, at the same time wondering how I can use certain parts from the Max in the 3 small Mixels. It’s often a case of going back and forth between the 3 models and the Max.

Anderson also highlighted the importance in the characters’ faces in capturing a unique personality.

The eyes and mouths are a huge part of the personality of the Mixel, changing the eyebrows for example can drastically change the expressions from sad to happy, or even angry! We would often brainstorm on the names of the character; some of them might be inside jokes with the team. One example is ‘Tuth’ in Series 8, it was a joke in the team that me being from Wales, I pronounce some words a little differently, such as ‘tooth’ sounding more like ‘tuth’. We decided during the naming process we would try to name that one Mixel how I pronounce it (And we succeeded!).

The full interview can be found at Brickset.


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