LEGO Monkie Kid Season 2 gets a trailer in China

The first season of the animated LEGO Monkie Kid TV show still hasn’t arrived on UK or US shores, but the trailer for the second season has already landed in China, teasing this year’s wave of tie-in sets.

Last year’s big bang theme was developed first and foremost for the LEGO Group’s growing Chinese market, to the point that its physical LEGO sets are only available through official channels outside of China.

That focus on a single market apparently also extends to the tie-in TV series, which has yet to find its way to screens in the UK or US. And with its second season gearing up to air in China, it seems doubtful that the show will ever debut in other countries – but the glimpses we get through YouTube can at least give us an idea of what to expect from future Monkie Kid sets.

The Season 2 trailer above has been subtitled by the fan who uploaded it, with translations provided by Google, so the captions may not be totally accurate. Either way, the imagery is enough to clue us into what the second season of the show will revolve around – a showdown with the villainous Spider Queen – and is a great tease for the upcoming 80021 Spider Queen’s Arachnoid Base, which we’ve yet to see images of.

Final pictures of the third wave of Monkie Kid sets should be landing any day now, though, as they’re all due to launch on March 1. LEGO Japan recently teased as much through its Twitter account, suggesting a reveal is imminent. Keep an eye on Brick Fanatics for news as soon as we get it.

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