LEGO NINJAGO summer 2023 teaser revealed 

A teaser for the next season of LEGO NINJAGO has been officially revealed unless it’s a prank for April Fool’s Day. 

Despite the date, the LEGO Group have posted what appears to be a teaser for the next season of LEGO NINJAGO on YouTube.  

The footage suggests that the next chapter could revolve around the various realms as cracks in the sky are appearing around NINJAGO City as the team flies around on Destiny’s Bounty, saving civilians. 

While not confirmed, the presence of a dragon, mountain, golden energy and a green world within the cracks in the sky corresponds to the First Realm, Realm of Madness, Cloud Kingdom and Departed Realm. This aligns with a recent tweet from writer Doc Wyatt of the NINJAGO team too. 

The teaser also includes an animated version of 71785 Jay’s Titan Mech and some scenes match with previously confirmed images for the next chapter of NINJAGO.

As exciting as this footage may be for NINJAGO enthusiasts, we’d recommend some caution given the date – April 1, 2023. However, the description specifically states that it is not a prank. 

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