LEGO’s partnership for 42154 2022 Ford GT was a ‘dream’

The LEGO Group’s collaboration with Ford for 42154 2022 Ford GT has been described as a dream by the set’s designer. 

42154 2022 Ford GT, available on March 1, 2022, is the latest result of the LEGO Group’s partnership with Ford and its designer, Milan Reindl has praised the close collaboration that made the model possible. 

“Our collaboration has been very good, to be honest.” Explained Milan to Brick Fanatics in a recent interview. “Whenever we needed feedback, whenever we needed more reference or anything, we just got it the next day, or the two days after, which is something that a designer in here can just dream of because some of the IP partners are not as easy to work with as Ford Motor Company.” 

Milan went on to explain more about the development process for 42154 2022 Ford GT, revealing that communication between the design team and Ford was constant with lots of feedback, even showcasing a prototype version of the build.

“We had calls scheduled every two weeks, and we were discussing the potential development and different colour options because we also explored different colours. I started with white simply because we have pretty much all the available elements in white. So just as a silhouette study, it was good enough. 

“Afterwards we were just negotiating about what should we do for the next meeting, if there are any crucial things and always making notes. Ford asked if we could please lower or raise the roofline, make the front more rounded and build the white stripes with elements without using stickers.” 

You can read our detailed review of 42154 2022 Ford GT by clicking here ahead of March 1, 2023, for £104.99 / $119.99 / €119.99. 

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