LEGO Play Day 2019 round-up

Today saw the annual LEGO Play Day celebrate everything joyful, with LEGO employees taking a day to enjoy themselves.

Every year, the LEGO Group treats its employees to an entire day of play – not a day off, specifically a day of play. Employees across the company spent the day together embracing their inner child, with a variety of activities to choose from. LEGO Senior Model Designer Justin Ramsden – and a few of his colleagues – have been haring some of the fun on Twitter. Here are some of the highlights…

LEGO CEO Niels B. Christiansen personally handed out an exclusive set at the beginning of the day, as Justin revealed in this image.

LEGO Play Day 2019 01 768x1024

Sun or no sun, the sea and sand were present.

LEGO Play Day 2019 07 1024x768

Justin took a fishing trip with LEGO Model Designer Adam Grabowski…

LEGO Play Day 2019 03 1024x894

…before a game of Quidditch.

LEGO Play Day 2019 04 1024x768

LEGO Senior Model Designer Nick Vas shared a shot of the brick grafitti wall.

LEGO Play Day 2019 09 1024x768

LEGO Ideas Design Manager Samuel Johnson lamented that he is not as good at cake decorating as model design.

LEGO Play Day 2019 02


LEGO NINJAGO television series producer Tommy Andreasen spent time with the bricks.

LEGO Play Day 2019 05 1024x895

LEGO Senior Design Manager Sven Robin Kahl was doing the same, and spotting elements from his new Hidden Side theme.

LEGO Play Day 2019 06 655x1024

Marcia Vidal Nial revealed some of the fun that was going on in the USA office.

LEGO Play Day 2019 08 768x1024

Samuel wrapped up his day with this image, with the message translating to ‘Only the best is good enough’ – Godtfred Kirk Kristiansen’s motto that has become embedded in the LEGO Group’s ethos.

LEGO Play Day 2019 10

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