Official LEGO 2023 polybag images may include a potential VIP GWP set

A potential upcoming VIP GWP set may have been revealed as one of many official LEGO 2023 polybag images available online.

Thanks to the Building Instructions page, we now have official images of multiple new LEGO polybags that are due to arrive this year. The range of models covers such LEGO themes as Star Wars, Minecraft, NINJAGO, Creator, Friends and more, with many of the small sets including exclusive minifigures.

Whilst previous rumours have already revealed the product numbers, names and some piece counts and prices, the high-quality images below give a much clearer idea of what to expect from the models. However, the LEGO Group has yet to confirm exactly when each polybag will be released or how it will be possible to obtain the various promotional sets.

Of note are official images of 30654 X-Wing Starfighter 1 and 30647 The Dripstone Cavern 1, with the LEGO Minecraft set including both a Creeper and a minifigure of fan-favourite character, Steve.

In addition to the existing line-up of polybags for 2023, the Product Certification page has also added a listing for another small set that may be available as a future VIP GWP. Following in the footsteps of 40512 Fun and Funky VIP Add-On Pack and the currently-available 40605 Lunar New Year VIP Add-On Pack is what’s labelled as ‘11956 Nature.’ Although the set doesn’t follow the naming convention of other recent VIP GWP models, the small selection of pieces on offer could still suggest an upcoming promotional polybag at some point this year.

Do note that the LEGO Group has yet to confirm details of the set as a potential VIP GWP item for 2023, so that’s just pure speculation on our part for now.

Every LEGO polybag set rumoured and confirmed for 2023

LEGO themeLEGO setPricePiecesRelease date
Friends30633 Skate Ramp€3.3946TBC
Creator30634 Friendship FlowersTBCTBCTBC
DOTS30637 Animal Tray and Bag TagTBCTBCTBC
City30638 Police Bicycle Training€3.3936TBC
City30639 Dog Park and ScooterTBCTBCTBC
Creator30641 Panda Bear€3.3983TBC
Creator30642 Birthday TrainTBCTBCTBC
Creator30644 Vintage Car€3.3959TBC
Minecraft30647 The Dripstone CavernTBCTBCTBC
DUPLO30648 Whale€3.399TBC
NINJAGO30649 Ice Dragon CreatureTBCTBCTBC
Star Wars30654 X-Wing StarfighterTBCTBCTBC
Technic30655 Forklift and Pallet€3.3978TBC
Monkie Kid30656 Monkey King MarketplaceTBCTBCTBC

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