LEGO Porgs from Star Wars: The Last Jedi visit London

To mark the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the LEGO Group brought a group of brick built Porgs to London.

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi earning mega bucks at the box office and receiving consistent critical acclaim, the LEGO Group celebrated its launch by commissioning a set of LEGO Porgs. Bright Bricks delivered this special gaggle of the cute critters, who were then taken on a tour of London.

Although details are scant, apparently one lucky customer at will win one of these unique LEGO Star Wars sculptures.


The press release contains a few facts about the LEGO Porg builds:

Each Porg took 20 hours to build, and contains over 8,000 bricks
Creating a combined build time of 200 hours for all 10 Porgs
The LEGO Porgs weigh approximately 16.5kg each
There are 8 different LEGO brick colours in each model, with each one standing 60cm tall

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in cinemas now. The LEGO sets based on the upcoming movie are available now.




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