LEGO Rebuild the World adopts kintsugi

New LEGO Rebuild the World videos introduce LEGO TSUGI, a spin on the Japanese practice of kintsugi.

Kintsugi, which means the ‘golden repair’, is a Japanese practice that fixes a broken object in a way that doesn’t disguise its flaws or imperfections, but highlights them, making it visually appealing in a new way. The LEGO Rebuild the World marketing campaign has adopted the technique and invented ‘LEGO TSUGI’.

Two videos have been shared on YouTube, one showing a lamp and one showing a table, with LEGO bricks used to replace missing sections.

The concept was devised by the LEGO Singapore office and then executed by the company’s internal marketing agency. “It reminded us about how there is beauty in broken things and tried to capture the sense of this using LEGO bricks. It’s a small example of the amazing play possibilities of the brand,” LEGO Creative Agency’s Primus Nair said to Marketing Interactive.

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