LEGO Star Wars 75278 D-O sells out online, probably permanently

LEGO Star Wars 75278 D-O has moved to ‘sold out’ status at the official online store in the UK, suggesting it’s pretty much gone for good.

If you’re not au fait with’s various stock statuses, we’ll parse them for you: ‘back order’ means you can order a set for delivery at some point in the near (or in some cases, far) future; ‘temporarily out of stock’ means the company can’t currently keep up with demand for a given set, but will be bringing it back eventually; and ‘sold out’ generally means that ship has sailed, and it isn’t coming back.

There are exceptions, so the old adage of ‘never say never’ applies here. But if you’re keen to pick up 75278 D-O, it might be time to start thinking about tracking it down wherever you can. As Brick Fanatics reported earlier this week, the LEGO Group has apparently ceased production on the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker set, so in all likelihood this is just the last of the current run selling out.

It’s a comparatively early retirement for the 519-piece statue of Episode 9’s forgettable droid, which only launched in April 2020, but the critical reception of the Skywalker Saga’s swansong may have something to do with that. In any case, it suggests the set hasn’t been especially well-received – but as so often happens, that could also mean it rockets in price on the aftermarket.

75278 D-O is still available in the US, so if you’re stateside and deliberating over picking it up, you’d do well to pull the trigger as soon as possible. The set was never on back order or temporarily sold out in the UK – it’s just up and disappeared, and the same could very well happen in the US.

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