LEGO Star Wars magazine Issue 93 out now with free 212th Clone Trooper

The latest issue of the official LEGO Star Wars magazine offers a much cheaper way to get hold of more 212th Clone Trooper minifigures.


Immediate Media’s LEGO Star Wars magazine can be a divisive publication when it comes to its free gifts. Older readers may roll their eyes at yet another spaceship mini build, but many collectors relish the opportunity to pick up rare minifigures usually only available with much larger (and more expensive) sets.

The latter is certainly true when it comes to Issue 93, which is now on sale in the UK. As well as the usual comic strips, activities and posters aimed at younger readers, the latest LEGO Star Wars magazine also comes with a free 212th Clone Trooper minifigure.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine Issue 93 212th Clone Trooper minifigure

With a cover price of £4.50, the publication offers a much more affordable alternative for getting hold of the minifigure, which is currently only available in the 1,082-piece 75337 AT-TE Walker. There are three such 212th Clone Troopers included with that particular model, but at £119.99 / $139.99 / €139.99 it’s a pricey way to amass multiple versions of the character when army building.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine Issue 93 front cover

LEGO Star Wars magazine Issue 94 will be on sale in the UK in early April, offering up a free 57-piece Luke Skywalker’s X-wing model, with no word yet as to when more desirable minifigures may be arriving.  

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