LEGO Star Wars magazine offers an alternative way to obtain a rare minifigure

A rare minifigure can be obtained with the latest issue of

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Star Wars magazine, a character currently only available in one existing set to date.

The latest issue of Immediate Media’s official

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Star Wars magazine is on sale from today in the UK. The publication is priced at £4.50, primarily aimed at a younger readership and packed with comic strips, puzzles, activities, posters and more.

Of more interest to older collectors, no doubt, will be the free cover-mounted Bo-Katan Kryze minifigure, complete with blue and silver helmet, jetpack and two blasters. Inside the paper bag packaging you’ll also find a packet of grey accessory elements, such as multiple rangefinders and visors, allowing for some degree of customisation.

The Bo-Katan Kryze minifigure has only ever been included with one LEGO Star Wars set to date, the now-retired

. Picking up the model on the aftermarket may require paying higher-than-retail prices in order to obtain the 544-piece build, making the latest LEGO Star Wars magazine a much more affordable option.

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However, those collectors who may be concerned to find that the set might lose its value longterm can take some degree of comfort in knowing that the minifigure included with LEGO Star Wars magazine Issue 92 doesn’t come with the additional bob cut hair piece featured in 


As previously reported, LEGO Star Wars magazine Issue 93 will be available around this time in March and come with another highly-desirable freebie, a 212th Clone Trooper, currently available in the much more expensive


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