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May the Force be with you. It’s one of the most famous lines in Star Wars, transcending the film franchise to become a truly iconic phrase across the globe. It’s also formed the basis of the May the 4th event. Now known as Star Wars Day, this has turned into a landmark event for LEGO Star Wars fans.

LEGO are marking May the 4th 2023 with new releases, promotions, gift-with-purchases and VIP incentives and we expect the likes of shopDisney, Zavvi and John Lewis to follow close behind. Stay across the very latest and best May the 4th LEGO deals on this page.

LEGO May the 4th latest

Best LEGO May the 4th deals

LEGO May the 4th deals 2023 30654 X Wing Starfighter polybag 5007840 Return of the Jedi 40th Collectible free gift with purchase deal card
LEGO May the 4th deals 2023 5xVIP points SQUARE asterisk
DIS 75339

LEGO May the 4th deals 2023 30654 X Wing Starfighter polybag gift with purchase deal card
LEGO May the 4th deals 2023 VIP sweepstake giveaway card
JL 75323
LEGO May the 4th deals 2023 30654 X Wing Starfighter polybag 5007840 Return of the Jedi 40th Collectible 40591 Death Star II free gift with purchase deal card
LEGO May the 4th deals 2023 2xVIP points SQUARE
DIS 75330

LEGO May the 4th 2023

LEGO Star Wars 75355 X wing Starfighter featured 1

The annual May the 4th event typically runs for at least a few days, if not an entire week, encompassing the all-important day itself and a few days either side. In 2022, offers were available from May 1 to 8 at and in LEGO Stores, while other retailers – including shopDisney and Zavvi – hosted their own LEGO Star Wars deals. This year’s event will take place from May 1 to May 7, 2023. During this time, all the exclusive LEGO Star Wars May the 4th offers will be up for grabs. Here’s a quick overview of everything confirmed so far:

  • Seven brand new LEGO Star Wars sets available from May 1
  • 40591 Death Star II free with LEGO Star Wars purchases above £130 / $150 / €150
  • 5007840 Return of the Jedi 40th Collectible free with LEGO Star Wars purchases above £80 / $85 / €85
  • 30654 X-wing Starfighter free with LEGO Star Wars purchases above £35 / $40 / €40
  • 2x VIP points on all LEGO Star Wars sets
  • 5x VIP points on selected LEGO Star Wars sets
  • VIP discounts on LEGO Star Wars sets
  • LEGO Star Wars VIP sweepstakes
  • Exclusive LEGO Star Wars VIP rewards

Seven new LEGO Star Wars sets will be available to purchase from May 1, which is also the day the rest of the LEGO Group’s May the 4th offers will begin. These include 40623 Battle of Endor Heroes, 75346 Pirate Snub Fighter, 75348 Mandalorian Fang Fighter vs. TIE Interceptor, 75352 Emperor’s Throne Room Diorama, 75353 Endor Speeder Chase Diorama, 75355 X-wing Starfighter and 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer.

The headline gift-with-purchase at and in LEGO Stores this year is 40591 Death Star II, a 289-piece display model of the Return of the Jedi icon. The build includes the same printed Return of the Jedi 40th-anniversary brick seen in 75352 Emperor’s Throne Room Diorama, 75353 Endor Speeder Chase Diorama and 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer. It’s free with all LEGO Star Wars purchases above £130 / $150 / €150.

LEGO May the 4th deals 2023 LEGO BANNER

May the 4th shopDisney LEGO deals

LEGO Star Wars 75313 AT AT review 82
DIS 75330
DIS 75339
DIS 75329
DIS 75192
DIS 75308
DIS 75290
DIS 75313
DIS 75331

Some of the best Star Wars Day deals are available at shopDisney this year, most notably 75313 AT-AT and 75192 Millennium Falcon – both 20% off, saving you £147 per set. As predicted, 75331 The Razor Crest is included in the sale – at an impressive 20% off. The newest Ultimate Collector Series set recreates Din Djarin’s ship from the first two seasons of The Mandalorian. It’s also worth noting shopDisney is the only online retailer to offer a deal on 75339 Death Star Trash Compactor Diorama – and at 20% off, it’s certainly worth picking up.

The sale is set to end on May 9, however we doubt anything will stay in stock for long, so please make sure to head to shopDisney as soon as possible to secure your sets.

LEGO May the 4th deals 2023 SHOP DISNEY BANNER

LEGO May the 4th 2023 new sets

At least six new LEGO Star Wars sets will be available from May 1, right on cue for all of this year’s offers, deals and double VIP points. That makes this arguably the best time to buy models like 75355 X-wing Starfighter, which will return 10% of its value in VIP points – and automatically qualify for all of this year’s LEGO Star Wars May the 4th freebies.

The full range of new LEGO Star Wars May the 4th 2023 sets is listed in the table below, and encompasses models from A New Hope, Return of the Jedi and The Mandalorian Season 3.

LEGO set  Price  Pieces  Release date  
40623 Battle of Endor Heroes£39.99 / $39.99 / €39.99549May 1, 2023
75346 Pirate Snub Fighter£29.99 / $34.99 / €34.99285May 1, 2023
75348 Mandalorian Fang Fighter vs. TIE Interceptor£89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99957May 1, 2023
75352 Emperor’s Throne Room Diorama£89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99807May 1, 2023
75353 Endor Speeder Chase Diorama£69.99 / $79.99 / €79.99608May 1, 2023
75355 X-wing Starfighter£209.99 / $239.99 / €239.991,949May 1 (VIPs), May 4 (wide), 2023
75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer£59.99 / $69.99 / €69.99630May 1, 2023
LEGO May the 4th deals 2023 LEGO BANNER

May the 4th John Lewis LEGO deals

LEGO Star Wars 75331 The Razor Crest featured 1
JL 75328
JL 75323
JL 75304
JL 75335
JL 75318
JL 75336
JL 75192
JL 75331
JL 75290

John Lewis is offering an incredible 20% off sale on LEGO Star Wars sets, including hard-to-find models and big-ticket items such as 75192 Millennium Falcon75331 The Razor Crest and 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina. The online retailer chose to kick off May the 4th celebrations early on April 28, and will end on May 5.

LEGO May the 4th deals 2023 JOHN LEWIS BANNER

May the 4th Zavvi LEGO deals

LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon lifestyle featured resized
Z 75308
Z 75330
Z 75318
Z 75337
Z 75328
Z 75327
Z 75325
Z 75329
Z 75347
Z 75257
Z 75323
Z 75304
Z 75334
Z 75350
Z 75349

Zavvi has discounted 15 LEGO sets for May the 4th this year, ranging from 3-10% off RRP. One deal which stands out is 10% off 75308 R2-D2, bringing the price of the set down to just £189.99, representing a saving of £20. We’re not sure when the sale is due to end, so make sure to grab your favourite sets while you can.

LEGO May the 4th deals 2023 ZAVVI BANNER

LEGO May the 4th 2023 free gifts

The LEGO Group has offered an exclusive LEGO Star Wars gift-with-purchase on May the 4th for almost a decade now and 2023 will be continuing that tradition. It’s now been confirmed that three physical GWP items will be available during the promotional period. 40591 Death Star II is a micro-scale version of the Empire’s second battle station and comes complete with a Return of the Jedi printed 40th anniversary brick.

Also available as a GWP will be 5007840 Return of the Jedi 40th Collectible, a double-sided and embossed coin in special packaging with blue hologram box, and 30654 X-wing Starfighter. As is usually the case, it should be possible to stack all three promotional items together by reaching the spend threshold for 40591 Death Star II.

May the 4th 2023 GWPRequired spendOffer dates
40591 Death Star II£130 / $150 / €150May 1 to 7, 2023
5007840 Return of the Jedi 40th Collectible£80 / $85 / €85May 1 to 7, 2023
30654 X-Wing Starfighter£35 / $40 / €40May 1 to 7, 2023

May the 4th double VIP points

Double VIP points LEGO promotion Brick Fanatics featured resized

While double VIP points on May the 4th have been par for the course for several years now, the LEGO Group restricted their availability in 2022 to particular products. That meant you could only earn twice the usual cashback – 10% rather than 5% – on select sets, and most brand new releases and 18+ models were excluded from the promotion.

The good news is that double VIP points are back for the May the 4th event in 2023 and will be available on all LEGO Star Wars sets from May 1 to May 7. That not only includes existing items, but also 75346 Pirate Snub Fighter, 75352 Emperor’s Throne Room Diorama, 75353 Endor Speeder Chase Diorama, 75355 X-wing Starfighter and 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer.

For 2023, the LEGO Group is also offering quintuple VIP points on selected LEGO Star Wars sets, exclusively in LEGO Stores, and 20% off a range of LEGO Star Wars sets for just 100 VIP points in the VIP Rewards Centre. A final list of included sets has yet to be confirmed for both of those offers.

Promotional offerQualifying productsAvailabilityOffer dates
2x VIP pointsAll LEGO Star Wars and LEGO StoresMay 1 to 7, 2023
5x VIP pointsSelected LEGO Star Wars setsLEGO StoresMay 1 to 7, 2023
20% off for 100 pointsSelected LEGO Star Wars setsVIP Rewards CentreMay 1 to 7, 2023

May the 4th VIP sweepstakes

Three different VIP sweepstakes will be running for May the 4th in 2023, with some seriously cool prizes up for grabs. A super-rare sterling silver R2-D2 minifigure, signed copy of the now-retired 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer and a bundle of LEGO Star Wars gear (including two plushes and a storage brick) will all be on the table across May. Check out the table below for full details on each sweepstake.

VIP sweepstake prizeVIP points requiredEntry period
Sterling silver R2-D2 minifigure50May 4 to 14
75252 Imperial Star Destroyer (signed)0May 1 to 7
LEGO Star Wars gear bundle25May 1 to 31

May the 4th history

While the original line appeared early on in the Star Wars franchise, the concept of a May the 4th event is relatively younger. May the 4th has also been used as a playful slogan outside of the context of Star Wars celebrations, with concrete examples appearing as early as the mid-‘90s.

May the 4th events first appeared in 2011, including an organised celebration in Toronto’s Underground Cinema. The Walt Disney Company has also enthusiastically embraced the idea following its purchase of Lucasfilm in 2012, as visitors to Disney parks can enjoy special events like stormtrooper processions, exclusive merchandise and themed food and drink on Star Wars Day.

More recently, May the 4th has proven a popular release date for several pieces of Star Wars media. TV shows like The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch debuted chunks of content on this date, while The Rise of Skywalker debuted on Disney+ on May the 4th as well. 

Elsewhere, May the 4th is often when Star Wars products are released or discounted. Owners of consoles like the PlayStation 5 can look forward to discounts on various Star Wars video games. More pertinently, the LEGO Group has also explored Star Wars Day events since 2011. New entries in the Ultimate Collector Series release on or around this time and unique promotional items can frequently be found on May the 4th too.

LEGO May the 4th sets

For Star Wars fans, May the 4th is a chance to check out the latest Ultimate Collector Series model. The first UCS model to release as part of a Star Wars Day promotion was 10225 R2-D2, in 2012. This large-scaled recreation of the astromech is designed for display, though still offers play functionality with extending tools and a turning head.

R2-D2 was joined a year later by 10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter, a new large-scale version of the classic Rebel ship. This model offers unfolding wings, extensive detailing and naturally comes with a display stand. However, its canopy stickers are notoriously difficult to apply, and two copies of them are included with each set as a result.

Many other original trilogy icons have cropped up during this period. 75059 Sandcrawler appeared in 2014, offering a massive version of the Jawa vehicle. It comes with working steering, various cranes and ramps, and plenty of droids to play with. 75095 TIE Fighter appeared in 2015; while not quite as feature-filled, its massive wingspan allows it to make a statement on display. 

Not every May the 4th release has been a success, though. 75098 Assault on Hoth appeared in 2016, recreating Echo Base from The Empire Strikes Back. While it focused on functions, it drew widespread criticism at the time for its scattershot design and egregious inaccuracies. An RRP of £229.99 / $249.99 / €249.99 didn’t help things, either.

Recent Star Wars Day releases have fared much better in comparison. 75308 R2-D2 offers a new take on a large-scale LEGO R2-D2, with slightly more accurate shaping than before. Like the original, it features several points of interactivity: a rotating head, extendable tools and a third foot that can be retracted.

Last year’s 75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder realises the iconic A New Hope vehicle at UCS scale for the first time, and also includes an incredibly detailed C-3PO minifigure, while this year’s 75355 X-wing Starfighter is the third (and most accurately-sized) iteration of the iconic rebel ship at this scale.

LEGO May the 4th free gifts

LEGO Star Wars Day promotions have historically offered a mix of iconic scenes and obscure characters. The first LEGO May the 4th promotion arrived in the form of a ‘Shadow ARF Trooper’, which appears to be a unique variant of a Clone Trooper. Interestingly it appears to be the LEGO Group’s creation, bringing together elements of other Clone Troopers from this period. 

Later May the 4th promotional sets and minifigures are a little more recognisable. 2012 brought us a minifigure of TC-14, the silver protocol droid from the beginning of The Phantom Menace. Like many other Star Wars Day promotional minifigures, they have never reappeared in LEGO form. Other May the 4th highlights of the early ‘10s include obscure minifigures such as Darth Revan (created for the Knights of the Old Republic video game) and Admiral Yularen, who appears briefly in A New Hope.

As we approach the ‘20s, the form factor of May the 4th promotions starts to change a little. 30611 R2-D2 appeared in 2017 and offers a mid-scaled LEGO version of the astromech droid. He would be joined by a similarly-scaled BB-8 (40288 BB-8) a year later. The most recent Star Wars Day promotions, meanwhile, have offered micro-scaled vignettes of key Star Wars scenes. 

40333 Battle of Hoth – 20th Anniversary Edition released – in case you hadn’t guessed by the name – during the 20th anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars theme in 2019. The set includes a small AT-AT, a pair of Snowspeeders, the Echo Base shield generator and even a tiny Imperial Probe Droid. All of these are positioned on a stretch of snowy terrain, which – in an unusual move – features studs on its sides instead of on top.

Similar vignettes have appeared in the following years. 40407 Death Star II Battle (released in 2020) depicts a thrilling dogfight between an A-wing and a TIE interceptor, as well as chunks of scaffolding on the surface of the second Death Star.

40451 Tattooine Homestead offers a more peaceful scene. Released in 2021, this is one of the very rare occasions that Luke’s Tatooine home is depicted in LEGO form. A stretch of the Tatooine landscape can be found here, along with a Sandcrawler, Luke’s landspeeder and a pair of moisture vaporators. Characters like Luke, the Jawas and the droids are represented with simple studs.

In 2022, the LEGO Group moved away from microscale dioramas to a minifigure-scale vignette in 40531 Lars Family Homestead Kitchen, which includes the first-ever Aunt Beru minifigure. This year’s headline gift-with-purchase pivots again to a buildable display model of a Return of the Jedi icon in 40591 Death Star II.

May the 4th LEGO deals

There’s usually plenty to look forward to when it comes to the LEGO Group and its Star Wars Day LEGO deals. The double LEGO VIP points offer is always a huge hit and is back again for 2023, while the LEGO Group also tends to offer free gift-with-purchase sets over this event. The recent microscale scenes have been extremely popular, while before that there were promotional minifigures to collect. From exclusive sets to free posters, we’ve also seen sweepstakes for prizes included in the annual May the 4th LEGO deals, and the same is true again in 2023.

Star Wars Day 2023 FAQs

What is Star Wars Day?

Star Wars Day is on May the 4th each year, in reference to the iconic phrase from the film franchise, ‘May the Force be with you’. The LEGO Star Wars theme is the centre of attention over the May the 4th celebration, with the LEGO Group and other retailers offering various incentives during this period. 

When is Star Wars Day 2023?

Star Wars Day 2023 is on Thursday, May 4, 2023. The LEGO Group’s celebrations will run from May 1 to May 7, during which time you’ll be able to earn double VIP points, claim free gifts and buy brand new sets.

What are the best LEGO deals for Star Wars Day 2023?

The best LEGO deals for Star Wars Day 2023 are set to be centred around the popular LEGO Star Wars theme. For 2023, these include new sets, three gifts-with-purchase, double VIP points and even quintuple VIP points on selected sets in-store. We can expect other retailers – including shopDisney, Zavvi and John Lewis – to get involved, too.

Can I use LEGO VIP points on Star Wars Day?

Yes, you can use your existing LEGO VIP points on purchases you make on Star Wars Day. The LEGO Group has also confirmed that double VIP points will be available on all LEGO Star Wars sets from May 1 to May 7, which is the equivalent of 10% cashback. 
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