LEGO Train Projects review

Railway builders will want to try putting together the LEGO locomotives found within the pages of LEGO Train Projects.

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Publisher: No Starch Press Title: LEGO Train Projects Author: Charles Pritchett

Price: £20.99 / $24.95 Release: September 1 

LEGO: N/A  Amazon: Available now

Years before the LEGO Group was willing to put an official logo on the cover of a book for adults about the brick, No Starch Press published Jake McKee’s Getting Started with LEGO Trains. Fast forward to today, 16 years later, and LEGO Train Projects offers a new volume for train enthusiasts by Charles Pritchett.

It’s perfectly possible to get started with this latest book – as long as the reader is ready to start building. Within the title’s 200 pages are seven different LEGO train models to builds, with the nice, clear instructions that No Starch Press provide time after time.

LEGO Train Projects

Each train carriage is built at six studs wide, the standard scale for modern track. There’s great variety within the seven models – the Passenger Coach has a nice, clean design, while the Depressed Flatcar has an industrial, functional appearance. In the case of the Box Car, there’s even a demonstration of how to incorporate Power Functions.

Given that LEGO Group release so few trains each year – 10277 Crocodile Locomotive was a rare treat – this book is all the more essential, allowing fans to build models that will slot in nicely alongside those official LEGO builds.

Anyone looking to build elegant LEGO trains should pick up this title – at just shy of $25, it may not provide the bricks, but it offers up seven elegant models with extremely clear instructions showing how to build them.

LEGO Train Projects is available now from Amazon. You can help support Brick Fanatics’ work by using our affiliate links.


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