New LEGO designer video released for 10302 Optimus Prime

In a new video, LEGO Designer Joseph Kyde talks about the challenges of creating two sets in one – the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime.

When the LEGO Group announced 10302 Optimus Prime, it’s fair to say that it took a lot of people by surprise, not least because it represented a collaboration between two of the biggest toy manufacturers on the planet – the LEGO Group and Hasbro. Since its release, the set has proved wildly popular with fans of the original show, people who like big robots (we bet there’s far more of those out there than you think) and people who just like a really well-designed LEGO set.

Now a new video has just been released, in which the designer of the set, Joseph Kyde, talks about the challenges of creating the iconic robot. One that can seamlessly transform into a truck without resorting to the tried and trusted LEGO method of taking it apart and putting it back together in a different way.

Kyde, who used to work on the Transformers line for Hasbro, has been with the LEGO Group for a number of years, designing a variety of sets, but focusing mainly on LEGO Minecraft. As he walks viewers through the set and the new elements that had to be designed to help with the complex articulation, he talks about his late brother, with whom he shared a passion for Transformers as children. 

In the background of the scene it’s interesting to spot the variants of the set that were presumably trialled throughout the design process.

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