LEGO VIDIYO set introduces brand new plate

In the upcoming LEGO VIDIYO set, 43115 The Boombox, a new plate from the LEGO Group has been spotted for the first time: a 1×5 plate.

So far, one-wide LEGO plates with odd-number lengths have been limited to just one or three studs in length, then jumping straight up to six and higher. For any creative builders out there, being able to use a 1×5 plate will allow for much more creative freedom and stability, particularly for smaller builds.

The key difference is that this five-stud-plate actually has five studs, instead of a smooth gap in the middle. That will make it possible to attach wheel axes for vehicle builds and overall improve the strength of any LEGO construction. Before now, the only five-stud-long plate available has been a five-long Technic plate, available from specific sets.

43115 The Boombox will be available from June 1 for £89.99 if you want to see the new 1×5 plate in action for yourself. We’ll of course be keeping an eye out as to whether we see the 1×5 plate in any other upcoming sets.

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