LEGO Xtra 2021 polybags head down to Chinatown

Two new LEGO Xtra polybags are on the way in 2021, including one to flesh out your bustling Chinatown.

Brickset has found the first image of the imaginatively-named 40464 Chinatown. The 35-piece polybag includes elements to expand your Chinese New Year display, drawing on the part palette used across that seasonal theme with two decorative fence pieces, a table with teapot and mugs, a crate of fireworks and a hanging lantern.

It’s not the only pocket money-priced grab bag launching in 2021. 40465 Food offers up an easy way to stock your LEGO pantry, with baguettes, pretzels, hot dogs, fruit and what may or may not be ice cream. (LEGO minifigures must enjoy carb-loading.)

There’s also a couple of plates and goblets to dine with, and even an oven to start cooking, so perhaps a more appropriate title for this particular polybag would have been ‘Kitchen’. Regardless, like all Xtra sets, it will probably make for a great impulse buy when you head to the LEGO Store in January, or help you eke past a spending threshold at

The current LEGO Xtra range includes 40375 Sports Accessories, 40376 Botanical Accessories and 40309 Food Accessories. The latter bag includes a slightly more rounded diet than the upcoming version, with fish, vegetables and croissants on the menu.

The only question now is: what will 40464 Chinatown be called for the Chinese market?

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