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Brick Fanatics takes a tour of the LEGO Castle Hotel, LEGOLAND Billund’s new guest accomodation

On March 29, the LEGO Castle Hotel welcomes the first guests to the newest LEGOLAND Billund accomodation. While the long-running LEGOLAND Hotel offers themed rooms, the LEGO Castle Hotel offers an entirely themed experience from top to bottom.

During LEGO Fan Media Days 2019, Brick Fanatics takes the tour of this new option for families staying at the original LEGOLAND theme park. There are two new buildings, each of which is a convincing castle from the outside. One is the Knights’ Castle and the other is the Wizards’ Castle.

Outside and in, there are LEGO models everywhere. Dragons, minifigure knights, minifigure witches, owls, magic wands, rats, potions… all of the things that might be found within a castle.

The Knights’ Castle houses the recption and restaurant as well as three floors of rooms. Each room contains a double bed with a separate compartment containing bunk beds. The rooms are entirely themed – the carpet and walls are covered in LEGO Castle related items to go with the actual brick built models contained within the rooms.

To get from floor to floor there is a large staircase with a huge rustic chandelier in the middle, which features LEGO built candles on each layer and the odd brick mouse peeking over the edge.

A small shop is situated opposite the reception and a large restaurant is the place to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Outside the doors to the restaurant there is a themed play area for children to enjoy.

It is a very short walk from the LEGO Castle Hotel to LEGOLAND Billund.

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