LEGOLAND Billund Resort celebrates 50th anniversary

The LEGOLAND Billund Resort has opened for the 2018 season, celebrating the theme park’s 50th anniversary.

Saturday, March 24 saw the LEGOLAND Billund Resort celebrate 50 years of welcoming guests to the original brick based theme park. Danish royals Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Prince Felix, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena attended the re-opening of the original LEGOLAND attraction, enjoying the opportunity to be the first guests to ride the new Flying Eagle ride.

To celebrate the re-opening of the LEGOLAND Billund Resort for its 50th anniversary, the Danish royals were on hand to push the LEGO button and kick off the festivities. With it being such a special occasion, the popular theme park has had a birthday facelift.

One of the areas that opened during the LEGOLAND Billund Resort’s early years was LEGOREDO Town. 18 million canoe rides have taken place in the theme park’s Western area, that has seen a refresh for the new season. The Flying Eagle is an all-new attraction that breathes new life into the classic land.

The adverse weather conditions have somewhat limited the expansion of LEGOLAND Billund, with the area around the new roller coaster not yet quite complete, but soon to be ready for new visitors. “It has been a really good day, and the enthusiasm among our guests really highlighted to us, how popular the LEGOREDO Town area is”, says LEGOLAND head Christian Woller.

Tickets to the LEGOLAND Billund Resort are available from the official website.


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