LEGOLAND Germany sets new world record for largest LEGO city

LEGOLAND Germany welcomed more than 2,800 AFOL guests to set a new world record for the largest LEGO city ever constructed.

Using more than 1.8 million bricks, eight AFOL clubs from around Germany banded together to build 1,556 buildings and roughly 1,000 road elements. This far exceeded the minimum requirement of 500 houses.

The goal of the German AFOL community was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the LEGO theme park by setting a brand new record. Between August 27 and September 10, a building area was open to AFOLs and theme park guests alike to play their part.

The event got off to a roaring success, with the 100 square-metre area needing to be expanded early on in the challenge. While all guests were welcomed to take part, there were a few rules specified for how the city had to be built:

  • Each house must be built on a 32 x 32 stud baseplate
  • Houses must be built to scale with minifigures
  • The house must have room for at least one standard minifigure
  • The city must resemble a real city, so there had to be a shopping centre, petrol station, school, supermarket, and other common facilities
  • The city must be built from commercially available bricks
  • Aids such as glue or cable ties were not allowed
legoland weltrekord stadt laura kuchenbecker
Laura Kuebecker was there on the final day to check that the rules had been properly observed. LEGOLAND Germany.

LEGOLAND-appointed mayors Martin Schild and Timo Will from the AFOL community organised the event, coordinating with various AFOL groups from across the country. On the final day of the 14-day challenge, Laura Kuebecker, the judge from the German Record Institute, was there to confirm that the new world record had been set, with 1,556 buildings constructed in total.

The LEGO city will now be able to view when you visit LEGOLAND Germany in Günzburg, Bavaria. It is displayed alongside various other miniatures in Miniland, including the world’s five tallest skyscrapers and Munich’s own Allianz Arena.

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Featured image credit: LEGOLAND Germany.

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