LEGO’s BrickLink Designer Program sets are already selling out

Pre-orders for the BrickLink Designer Program’s first round of rejected LEGO Ideas sets have only just opened, but they’re already beginning to sell out.

Daniel Van Zonneveld’s 910001 The Castle in the Forest has reached the maximum number of 5,000 pre-orders, which means it can no longer be purchased no matter where you are in the world. The comments page for the project is unsurprisingly full of fans who missed out, with their primary frustrations targeted at BrickLink’s decision to allow users to buy up to five copies of each set.

It’s the only one of the seven sets that’s been fully funded so far, but EdouardClo’s 910010 The Great Fishing Boat isn’t far behind. At the moment, the 1,606-piece model is roughly three-quarters of the way towards the minimum 3,000 backers needed to guarantee production, and is on track to reach that goal within an hour of pre-orders opening.

910016 Sheriff’s Safe is the most-backed project after that, currently sitting at nearly half the necessary number. We can only advise backing any of your preferred sets as soon as possible, though, given how quickly even the sets that haven’t sold out are gaining backers.

That 5,000-set capacity is also split between specific regions – 910001 The Castle in the Forest sold out in the UK and Europe before the US – so even if it hasn’t been entirely claimed by the time you get there, it may well have sold out in your territory.

Click through the list below for the remaining six BrickLink Designer Program sets in this first of three crowdfunding rounds:

910007 BIONICLE Legends
910010 The Great Fishing Boat
910016 Sheriff’s Safe
910017 Kakapo
910025 Particle Accelerator 
910028 Pursuit of Flight

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