Lepin galore at the Florida Mall in Orlando

One of the most popular shopping destinations in the USA’s tourist hot spot of Orlando, Florida is selling knock-off LEGO sets that look to be manufactured by Lepin.

Lepin is a clone brand, manufacturing and distributing imitation versions of official LEGO sets in breach of copyright law. Typically these items are associated with Lepin’s home country of China, but recent news shows the products selling well in Dubai.

Now, a shop named Brix in the Florida Mall, located in Orlando, Florida, is selling the knock-off LEGO sets along with other unlicensed construction toys. It demonstrates the extent to which fake goods from China can travel the world in the modern age.

quick Amazon search suggests that when even a retailer as large and well funded as the global Internet giant does not properly resource removing such clearly copyright infringing products, it becomes less likely that the struggling physical retail sector will make any more effort.

There are numerous retailers in Orlando selling official LEGO products, including the LEGO Store at Downtown Disney. To buy your LEGO products legitimately, and support the work of Brick Fanatics, visit the LEGO online store here.


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