Make a LEGO Batman cake with hidden symbol

Cakes are good, LEGO cakes are even better, and LEGO Batman cakes with hidden bat symbols are off the chart.

TheIcingArtist is a prolific YouTube cake expert, with a channel full of tasty delights. What might be the best of the bunch is this LEGO Batman cake. Not only is it shaped like a LEGO brick, with studs and all, but the bat symbol is hidden inside – so when you cut a slice, Batman’s beloved logo is revealed.

This awesome video was released last year when The LEGO Batman Movie launched, but with all of the hype around the film release, the Brick Fanatics crew did not get around to having a tea party. When we schedule the next one, the team’s star baker will be tasked with following this video to cook up a tasty LEGO cake.

If you have the magic touch when it comes to cake baking, be sure to share your LEGO inspired sponge, fruit or ice cream cakes with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Thankfully, it is now 2018, so there is no need to close this news piece with a soggy bottom reference.


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