Marvel fans love all the big Marvel LEGO sets. Except one

Judging by the reviews, most of the expensive Marvel LEGO sets are landing well with fans, but there’s one that seems to be missing the target.

With all the talk of price rises and inflation, you might be tempted to think that every LEGO set on sale costs a fortune. Not so! Something like 40% of all the sets available on are under £20. But it’s fair to say that it’s the large sets that grab most of the headlines, and few themes come bigger than Marvel.

At present there are five sets in the LEGO Marvel range that break the £100 barrier – indeed three of them break the £200 barrier. But has this put fans off? Not at all it seems, with four of the five sets having four-and-a-half or five stars on their customer reviews.

76209 Thor’s Hammer, 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum and 76178 Daily Bugle all clock in just half a star shy of a perfect score, while , 76193 The Guardian’s Ship, aka The Benatar, gets a perfect five out of five. Which leaves just one major Marvel offering bringing up the rear.

With just three stars, the £299.99 76215 Black Panther bust isn’t doing terribly by any means, but it just doesn’t seem to be landing with fans in the way the other sets are. It can’t even be put down to cost, as Daily Bugle retails for exactly the same price. So what might it be?

For nigh on £300, it maybe that LEGO Marvel fans think there’s better value to be had elsewhere. The Daily Bugle set offers a huge amount of detail and a mind-boggling 25 minifigures. The Sanctum Sanctorum has cross theme attraction, as it not only appeals to Marvel fans, but also to those who collect the modular buildings range. While it might be home to the sorcerer supreme, it also fits in pretty well next to the likes of 10270 Bookshop and 10251 Brick Bank.

75328 The Mandalorian Helmet 17

Fans of the LEGO helmet series, such as 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet, might have looked at the initial rumours of the Black Panther set and thought it would sit well alongside their existing collection, only to find that it was a complete bust, rather than a helmet, and at a completely different scale.

Three stars is nothing to be sniffed at, and is a perfectly respectable score. But it seems that in creating such a large, specific and indeed unique piece, the LEGO Group has carved out a niche so small that it just doesn’t work for anything other than the most dedicated of Marvel fans.  

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