Massive Wagons launches new single with LEGO music video

Rock band Massive Wagons have launched their new single, Bangin In Your Stereo, with a

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stop motion music video.

Massive Wagons have released the band’s new single, Bangin In Your Stereo, with a music video featuring

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stop motion animation, Classic Rock reports.

The video features LEGO minifigure versions of each member from the British rock band performing on stage. It then cuts to various minifigures including Superman, a Stormtrooper and a leprechaun. A custom Donald Trump minifigure gets knocked off stage.

Even classic LEGO themes turn up during the three minute music video, including Castle, Pirates and Western.

“Bangin was one of the last tracks we wrote for the album,” frontman Baz Mills told the website. “We were playing through all the other tracks on a regular basis in practice and just realised what the album was missing. It was this song!

“It’s a big old riffing rock’n’roller: a big statement, in-your-face kinda song. Loud, ballsy, catchy as hell and under three minutes. It’s a party track, goes down ace live, and is really fun to perform, I love the dual guitar riff off at the start, left and right, bang-bang like a boxer, then BOOOM, one up the middle, floored!”

The track will feature on Massive Wagons’ new album, House of Noise, which will launch on July 17.

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