More rumoured LEGO 10305 Lion King’s Castle details revealed

More details are starting to emerge regarding the potential rumoured upcoming 10305 Lion King’s Castle 90th anniversary set.

Recent rumours have suggested that the LEGO Group could be celebrating its 90th anniversary this year with a number of possible remakes of classic sets. One of these is said to be 1984’s 6080 King’s Castle, which may release in 2022 as 10305 Lion King’s Castle.

Previous details have suggested the set will retail for a whopping $349.99, which might make sense considering the scale of the potential model. Although that may be out of the budget for all but the most diehard of collectors, the price should at least ensure the set is suitably epic in scale and details.

Promobricks has now revealed more potential details regarding the rumoured 10305 Lion King’s Castle, which is said to be tentatively set for release in August. The report states that the model may consist of 4,514 pieces and confirms previous rumours regarding pricing.

The set is said to closely resemble the castle briefly glimpsed in the recent launch trailer for 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine, although it isn’t identical. The castle gate is reported to look similar to that of the gate in 6080 King’s Castle, plus there is said be a large central gatehouse and a drawbridge which can be raised and lowered via a wheel in the wall.

LEGO Castle 6080 Kings Castle 1

Under the gate is a dungeon with two cells and a removable outer section of wall to allow sneaky prisoners to escape. An armoury will include a selection of mediaeval weapons, plus a castle kitchen, millstone and water wheel, treasury, dining room and Queen’s room will all be featured. The report also mentions that the set is around half a meter wide (if not larger), but there’s no information yet on whether the model can be folded at all.

In addition to the main model, 10305 King’s Castle is said to boast more than 20 minifigures, some of which may have already been revealed in the 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine trailer. Potential minifigures that might be included are the Queen, wizard Majisto, nine Lion Knights, two Falcon Knights, two Forestmen, Forestmen Child, Maid, Farmer, Baker, Boy and Skeleton. The set is also said to feature a few horses and a cow lamb, with a new harness piece for minifigures to ride their steeds.

Curiously, the only minifigure that’s missing is that of a King, with the Queen having a royal sceptre, crown, yellow cape, sword, shield and optional helmet. This has led Promobricks to suggest that the set may not even bear the name Lion King’s Castle at all.

The LEGO Group has yet to confirm the existence of 10305 Lion King’s Castle, so do treat all of the above information as pure speculation for now until we have more details.

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One thought on “More rumoured LEGO 10305 Lion King’s Castle details revealed

  • 21/05/2022 at 10:37

    Hope it will not be so angular like 6080 🙂 Personaly I buy at least 3 of them – price doesn’t matter. But if LEGO decide to do reedytion of late 80’s classic set (a previous news) I buy 10 🙂 ABSOLUTELY LOVE OLD CASTLE SETS 🙂


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