More LEGO CITY 2022 sets revealed, including school and lifeguard station

An online retailer has revealed images of even more new LEGO CITY sets launching in January 2022, including a school, a lifeguard station and a crane.

We’ve already seen a handful of next year’s CITY sets courtesy of the official Building Instructions app, but JB Spielwaren has published images of what’s presumably the rest of the evergreen theme’s first wave for 2022. Joining the already-revealed 60316 Police Station, 60330 Hospital and 60350 Lunar Research Base are 60320 Fire Station, 60328 Lifeguard Station and plenty more.

It’s a diverse mix of sets for the CITY theme, which has previously concentrated on specific subthemes across waves, including police and fire. Both of those subjects are in play here, alongside a wide variety of other vehicles, buildings and minifigures – including an ice cream van driven by a pair of crooks creatively named ‘ice’ and ‘cream’.

Check out all the new LEGO CITY sets revealed by JB Spielwaren below, along with new images of those we’ve already seen earlier today.

60312 Police Car

60314 Ice Cream Truck Chase

60315 Police Mobile Command Truck

60316 Police Station

60317 {Bank Robbery Chase}

60318 Fire Helicopter

60319 {Fire Chase}

60320 Fire Station

60321 {Fire Brigade Operation}

60322 Racing Car

60323 Stunt Plane

60324 Off-Road Crane

60325 Concrete Mixer

60328 Lifeguard Station

60329 School

60330 Hospital

60343 Helicopter Transporter

Look out for more details on all these sets – including their prices, final product names and release date – very soon.

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  • 03/12/2021 at 20:52

    At least LEGO had the common sense to return back to the old style road plates.


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