Mosaic Maker coming to the LEGO Store Berlin

The LEGO Mosaic Maker is coming to the LEGO Store in Berlin next week, with fans able to book appointments for the experience now.

Launched at the LEGO Store Leicester Square in 2016, the Mosaic Maker gives guests the opportunity to sit in a photo booth style setting and have their portrait transformed into a buildable brick mosaic. Now, the unique experience will be coming to the LEGO Store in Berlin, allowing fans in the city to get this one-of-a-kind souvenir.

To be one of the first to book a slot at the LEGO Store Berlin Mosaic Maker, fans can call +49 (0) 30210 162 22. The price for the experience will be €119.99, available from March 20.


During the Mosaic Maker’s launch at the LEGO Store Leicester Square, Head of Global Retail Innovation Martin Urrutia explained to Brick Fanatics, “it was very important that it was a unique LEGO experience, something that continues to have building, great fun and also the personal touch.”

The personalised product that the Mosaic Maker produces includes 4,502 pieces, with 1×1 tiles used to create the image. Specialised instructions are printed that show how to put the pieces together to construct the LEGO portrait.


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