New adult-targeted LEGO theme rumoured

Brick Fanatics understands that a new LEGO theme aimed at adult consumers is on the way later this year.

As LEGO FORMA demonstrated last year, the LEGO Group is keen to try new product formats that may appeal to an adult audience rather than the typical target market of children. Brick Fanatics has received word that a new adult-targeted theme will be launched later this year.

While there are no details yet on what the new theme will be, a few things have been ruled out – it will not be a minifigure scale theme and the sets will not be what fans traditionally associate with LEGO products. Each set will be large and expensive. There may be licences involved.

It is all very vague at the moment, but certainly begs the question of what else adults could want from a LEGO theme and how that might be realised.

A few weeks ago, Brick Fanatics shared the news that a LEGO set based on The Fast and the Furious may be released this year.

All of this information should be treated as rumour until there is an official announcement from the LEGO Group.

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