New LEGO book offers 100 Ways to Rebuild the World

A new title has launched from DK, the LEGO Group’s official book partner, with LEGO 100 Ways to Rebuild the World available now.

The LEGO Group recently relaunched the company’s marketing campaign, Rebuild the World, which seeks to have consumers perceive LEGO as a creative play brand rather than a construction toy. A new official book from DK takes inspiration from the message, titled LEGO 100 Ways to Rebuild the World.

Rather than simply offering building tasks for children, the book goes further and links the LEGO creativity with encouraging children to have a positive impact. The book is available from Amazon and other retailers.

Here is the book’s synopsis:

Even the smallest actions can make a big difference to our friends, our families and our environment. With LEGO 100 Ways to Rebuild the World children will discover fun ways to be kind and spread joy, all whilst getting creative with their LEGO bricks.

There are 100 exciting activities and acts of kindness in LEGO 100 Ways to Rebuild the World. Celebrate friends and family by building trophies using LEGO bricks and hosting an awards night to thank them for the wonderful things they do. Build a gratitude box and fill it with positivity-boosting notes. Get active with friends by organising a LEGO race. Each activity promotes kindness, bravery and curiosity to help children recognise that small actions – such as being the first to talk to the new kid at school or offering a helping hand to a friend, parent or teacher – can make a big difference to others.

The book also contains activities with an environmental focus. Learn how to turn your garden into a butterfly paradise, the big difference you can make just by turning off the tap whilst brushing your teeth, and why trees are so important.

Be inspired to make a difference to the world around you with LEGO 100 Ways to Rebuild the World. It’s time to grab your LEGO bricks and decide how you will rebuild the world.

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