New LEGO for Adults Botanical Collection set rumoured for 2022

Another addition to the LEGO for Adults Botanical Collection may be on the way in 2022 as rumours are blooming for a flower-themed set.

The LEGO Botanical Collection may soon have to make room for more brick-built foliage on shelves as brick_clicker on Instagram via price comparison site Brickmerge is presenting a new rumour. According to the user, the next flower picked for the range may be an Orchid.

Keep in mind that no information in this article has been officially confirmed by the LEGO Group and should be treated with appropriate caution until announcements can be made accordingly.

Reportedly, LEGO for Adults Botanical Collection 10311 Orchid is coming in 2022 following up on the release of 10289 Bird of Paradise in 2021, of which you can read our in-depth review here. Should this be true, it could be the fourth model in the range and also one of the cheapest with the price said to be $50, tying it with both 10281 Bonsai Tree and 10280 Flower Bouquet.

Orchids are commonly depicted in shades of violet or white, the latter of which could represent a colour not yet found in the main builds of the Botanical Collection, with the only exception being the cherry blossom colour scheme of 10281 Bonsai Tree.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this rumour and if it turns out to be true. However, remember that nothing is confirmed until said so by the LEGO Group and all reports should be taken with a pinch of salt in case they are false.

Featured image: Bloomscape

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