Offensive LEGO socks removed from H&M stores

An unfortunate coincidence has led to clothing retailer H&M removing a line of LEGO socks from its stores.

H&M was selling licensed LEGO socks featuring a construction worker minifigure, but a pattern on the socks resembled ‘Allah’ in Arabic. The clothing retail chain has withdrawn the socks after receiving complaints from customers.


SBS News reports the reaction from H&M:

“At H&M we always aim to offer products that we believe our customers will appreciate,” a H&M spokesperson said.

“The print on this sock represents a Lego figurine, any other meaning is entirely coincidental and we apologise if this motif has offended anyone.”

The controversy follows H&M apologising for an ad picturing a young boy in a jumper that read ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ because of racism accusations.

The offending product line has been withdrawn from sale in reaction to the complaint.


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