Phil Lord and Chris Miller re-writing The LEGO Movie Sequel

The creative team behind The LEGO Movie Sequel has confirmed that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are rewriting the script for the upcoming animated film.

During a press junket for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie, Producer Dan Lin, the man behind the entire LEGO cinematic series, and Chris McKay, director of The LEGO Batman Movie and producer of The LEGO NINJAGO Movie discussed the fourth cinematic movie that is in the works.

The sequel to The LEGO Movie will show the differences with how boys and girls play according to a report from Collider, suggesting that mini-dolls from LEGO Friends may get a role in The LEGO Movie Sequel. The extent of Lord and Miller’s re-write is unclear, as is whether the film remains a ‘space musical’.


The quotes shared by Collider give an idea of how the 2019 release builds on The LEGO Movie:

LIN: We are going to The LEGO Movie 2. The team is all back together, so it’s [Phil] Lord and [Chris] Miller, myself and Chris McKay. Mike Mitchell is the new voice who’s coming in to direct the movie. Chris and Phil are rewriting the script right now, but we’re in production. We’re picking up where the first movie left us, where the Duplo have now come and they’re attacking Bricksburg. It’s several years later, and you’re going to see the result of that.

McKAY: The Duplo represents Finn’s sister, Finn being the little boy from the live-action. The Duplo is her. The man upstairs said, “You’ve gotta play with your sister. That’s the thing you’ve gotta promise me. I’ll let you play with my world, but now you’ve gotta let your sister come in and play with your world.” Now, she’s coming in, and that’s the major thing that the movie is about. What’s different and similar about gender, when a boy plays vs. how a girl plays? What kinds of stories are there? Chris and Phil are super fucking smart and really thoughtful and sensitive writers.

The kinds of questions and the interesting ideas that they’re getting into with this movie, it’s going to be like the first LEGO Movie was, where it’s about something else that’s really profound. I’m really excited about where the movie is gonna go because it’s about these things that are actual notions that people have that might even be unconscious biases, where people don’t even realize that that’s the way they’re looking at the world. You can do that in a movie like this, and still have it be a great musical with fun songs, and have action and all of the other crazy things we’re gonna get into with that movie. It’s gonna be a really special movie.



It is brave subject matter to tackle, especially with the debate that raged when the LEGO Friends theme and mini-dolls were introduced. But with the success that Lord and Miller has at layering the original LEGO Movie with themes, ideas and subtext, there are few more capable people to be writing the follow-up.

LIN: Every one of our movies, so far, have been told from the point of view of one kid’s imagination. The LEGO Movie 2 will be the first one told through two kids’ imaginations – Finn and his sister. It’s going to be really interesting juxtaposing those two different visions.

The LEGO sets based on The LEGO NINJAGO Movie are available to buy now. The LEGO NINJAGO Movie is due for release on September 22 in the USA and October 13 in the UK. The LEGO Movie Sequel is due for release in 2019.


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