Plastic waste from moulding machines made into LEGO Campus furniture

Did you know? Every last bit of plastic waste from the LEGO Group’s moulding machines is recycled and used again, often as furniture or décor on the LEGO Campus.

Global Waste Manager Claudia Stubbe has made sure that none of the LEGO Group’s element waste gets left unused. Instead, it’s all been recycled and given a second lease of life around the LEGO Campus in Billund.

Five tonnes of plastic waste have been turned into outdoor benches and tables around the Campus. A fully sustainable meeting room has also been created, with chairs, tables, lamps, and flowerpots all made from 100% recycled plastic. Elsewhere around the Campus, you can find minifigure artwork on display in the canteen, made from different forms of LEGO element waste.

The LEGO Group has around 1,000 moulding machines currently busy at work around the world. Making sure that the excess plastic produced by these machines doesn’t go to waste is part of the company’s overarching sustainability plans, aiming to make all LEGO bricks from sustainable sources by 2030.

Products like LEGO Ideas 21318 Tree House and its plants-from-plants pieces are the first step in the right direction, but the LEGO Group has acknowledged that it has a long way to go. Although more than 80 LEGO elements are currently made from sustainably-sourced polyethylene, that represents just 2% of the 3,600 elements available. You can find out more about the LEGO Group’s different sustainability initiatives on its website.

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